New IE mutation vector

Jun 18 2015

New IE mutation vector

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I was messing around with a filter that didn’t correctly filter attribute names and allowed a blank one which enabled me to bypass it. I thought maybe IE had similar issues when rewriting innerHTML. Yes it does of course :)

The filter bypass worked like this:

<img ="><script>alert(1)</script>">

The filter incorrectly assumed it was still inside an attribute and therefore allowed raw html to be injected and the various browsers treat it as an invalid attribute and execute the script. I then decided to fuzz the attribute name to see what characters are allowed. IE of course proved to be interesting because two equals one as an attribute name created an invalid attribute.

I began to use my mXSS tool to see if I could find a new vector. Attribute names with equals seemed a good place to start. After various tests using multiple attributes and mixing quotes I found a vector using an equal after the tag name.



IE renders the entities inside the x attribute and therefore breaks out of the attribute when innerHTML is read. If you remove the equal after the tag name the vector no longer works so maybe the parser loses track of the character position or confuses itself which quotes the attribute is part of.




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